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Drakari's Dream
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Drakari Silverscale's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
7:09 pm
Quest: Survival
Well, today went by okay, not particularly good, but it's not bad. The stress is kinda pileing on. Money is bad. I've been waiting to get my final paycheck from my old job, and it's getten screwed through the mail. And now i'm down to practically nothing but loose change. I don't even have money fore the bus tomorrow. Food is getting scarce as well. got a lil ramen left, so I won't die. Some down moments of dealing with the ex and such.

The next few days espically is going hot.. espically with the money probs.. but I'll survive. The good news is, i'm working on some animation too.. and working on 3 new stories.
12:45 pm
Speech 2: Electric Boogaloo
Well, not sure how my bag speech went, yet.. but I'm already hard at work on my next sppech. A "How-To" speech. Last tim, my speech was on How to Transfer Video to a PSP... but since i have less time this time, and.. well re-runs suck, this one is gonna be different. I decided to get creative on this one so.. It's.. "How to build a bad Website" Basically, it's about the design elements of a bad website.. which bring me to my favorite line. "Because knowing HTML dosen't mean anything if you have the design sense of an autistic Lemur" *laughs* actually that makes me wanna do a Gaffigan-esq "That guy's a dick, my brother's a lemur". But the speech will outline such winning formulas as, how to overuse clip art, and the benefits of a Neon green background, with light blue text.. and finally. Embeded music.
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
4:38 pm
Wow... There is a show on VH1 that's about stupid internet videos. "Web Junk 20" sockscatt, VH1 totally stole your idea.

Though i still don't get what's so funny about the "Chocolate City" comment. Bush and the Borkeback Mountan question was 50x funnier.

Pretty good weekend so far. I went out with a freind to Chipotle for dinner. Had me one tastey Burrito. It was soo filling. Also got to play a few games with xandertheblue Saw... some movie on TV, i slept through most of it. Then he left around 11ish. Then there was George Carlin on late. And then I saw something i haven't seen for a long time. For some reason I let Xander convince me Rosanne was a bad show... cause i watched and remembered how much i like that show. It was so well done. The main actors make it flow so easily... almost like it wasn't scrpited. Cosby could be like that sometimes.
Saturday, January 28th, 2006
6:42 pm
Dude, I found $20
Twenty Dollars YAY! So now i can actually get me a nice meal tonight.. Considering Boston market. The weekend is going good so far. XP.. or Xan's Parents came by today, and the visit and it actually turned out pretty good. Espically considering i had the Xbox 360 just sitting out. Even the box. Haha. Xan told his bro that i won it from a contest. Hehe. My idea actually, since i entered into so many contests when i worked at Circuit City, which i could have won, had i put in my address and info in time.. Oh well. But yeah....

There's a party that everyone has been talking about going on at paw_paul's place. But seeing as I can't drive and have no car, I couldn't go. Kinda sad for that. Oh well, bowling in 3 weeks.
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
2:58 pm
Yeah, a little quick for another LJ post.. but I had to...

So I noticed Square is launching their best campaign EVER.

Why would you pay $60 dollars to get PS2 quality graphics on the Xbox 360? Well.. you woldn't, unless you were high.. Knowing that,, FFXI is set to launch on....


2:43 pm
Peacekeeper: Veil
The story of Veil is actually the second series in a story set concerning a bleak future. There is a city, where there is no law.. no law enforcement. It's called Neo Edo, and in this town there may be no law, but if you piss off the wrong people, there are a group of bounty hunters known as Peacekeepers.

They tend to keep the balance of Neo Edo. The first part actually concerned a character who's code name was Koji. He was a man that was a peacekeeper, but was never comfortable with the fact that he was a murderer for hire. But he left a protige.... his lover, a youth who kept his teaching and legacy alive. Codename Veil. The difference, Veil was from the streets.. he had no such misgivings about his job.. in fact, he loved it. And while Koji was disturbed by Veil's seeming lack of conscience, he was also inspired by Veil's untamed passion.

Veil is deadly, a killer, seducer... And here is a brief story sequence i wrote about him.

Warning, Violence.. and mentiong of gay sexorzCollapse )
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
3:17 pm
2:31 am
Sleep, I need a new sleep schedule.

Anywho. School is going by okay.. I need to be a little better at homework, but i'll imporve that. But unfortunatly japanese tomorrow is gonna be tough.

This weekend went great though. Bowling was the bom diggity shizzy.. that's Blackineses for fun. Both dinners went great. and Having xandertheblue over was pretty sweet. Glad he was here. We went out to Pita Inn, on Saturday, and Girodonals on Sunday. but the Pizza didn't live up to it's name. It wasn't good.. wasn't bad.. but.. yeah.

Had a great time.
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
1:17 pm
Well, I learned something last night.

I love Deer!.. Bucks, Stags.. and so on. I actually saw a sexy anthro deer in a dream. But i've always been a fan of the hooved sort.. Mostly everything but basic stallions. Mostly due to the whole "penis size" thing. I am the anti-size queen. But, Zebra, Okapi, Oryx.... *drool*

Heck, i think the Okapi fursuit is really the only fursuit i really want to fanboy over. Hey, not to say I'm exclusive.. Scalies are pretty fucking hot.. It probably changes from day till day. But, that's just a thing today.
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
3:04 pm
If you don't like the weather
Okay.. so Yesterday, i mentioned Freezing my tail off, right? Well Today, my coat is almost too heavy.

Good weather.. now Roll Over... You get a Sugar Cube....

I have got books now too.. for most classes 'cept japanese.. cause I missed the class and the teach didn't tell them what books we needed. Oh well, i'm gonna try and get out an email.

In other news, I signed up for the school fitness center. Since I have about an hour and a half between classes on Tu/Th.
4:09 am
Swinging the School
Today was day 2, and I overslept. 9am came too fast and I went.. *groan* **flop** and.. there was guns and fire and brimstone, and alarmclocks were damaged... well not really, but I didn't get up. But I can tell that sociology is going to be extremely interesting. Simply due to the fact that the class is in a theater. Where me and 50-60 of my fellow students can discuss in a orgonized discourse our differences.

But.. Weather.. I think my tail froze off... *pokes* Well, close.. I seem to have reformed like a character in a James Cameron movie that dosen't suck. And Lucky me, Financial Aid went through as well. So I get books tomorrow. Bad Assssssssssssssssss......

Oh, and Dinner with friends was delich, and too damn expensive.. and burgers NEVER reheat well...

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
2:44 am
Smoke'd Da Pot
Okay okay.. stop me if you've heard this one..... But

I just burned water!!!!!!!

You know when you boil water for something, and forget about it and it evaporates and leaves only the mineral deposits from the tap water on the bottom of the pot?

Comedic GOLD!
2:22 am
New School
New School is better than old school... even if it's the same school.

So, i gotta run through school again. Well, it's a new semester. But hopefully, no straight queer teachers... So far, I've met 2 out of 3, and they are both total Liberals... FLEE George!!!! But they seem rather cool. Psych teacher seems laid back.. and this time, it's all lecture.. no lab. It's like a bad anime.

Speech, he's alright.. could see some problems, but first I gotta do a bag speech.

And finally... Oh that is final.

At least for now.
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
3:03 pm
So here we go. A little about me. I'm 23, and a student. I go to College, so I'm legal... at 23..... Anyway. I'm into art and other things.. Right now I'm watching this teacher teaching us Northern Renaissance, who's got serious limp wrist. So gay.

Anyway. I don't have ADD, which reminds me McDonalds food sucks..

Uh.. yeah.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
2:33 pm
So I got one
Alrighty, I've looked all over and have finally decided I should get one of these Live Journal thingies..... Uh...... Hmm... *Scratches butt* Well..... I should get to class... I'll update later.

Drakari, signing Out..
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